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The Rupestre Arts Hotel Rodão is located in Vila Velha de Ródão – Castelo Branco. Overlooking the Tejo River and Portas de Ródão (natural monument), it also has a connection to the Tejo River where you can take a boat trip, practice nautical sports, and visit the archaeological station of Foz do Enxarrique, a camp attributed to the Middle Paelolithic period and considered one of the most important archaeological and paleontological sites internationally. It is located 10m from the A23 and 5m from the train station.

Opened in July 2023, the Rupestre Arts Hotel Ródão is located in the heart of Vila Velha de Ródão.

Its contemporary decoration aims to celebrate nature, fauna, the waters of the Tejo River and also the rock engravings, a very notable heritage for the region.

The Hotel arose from the challenge of energizing a village full of history, surrounded by natural beauty and located in the Naturtejo Geopark.

An experience you can't miss!
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