Terms and conditions

  1. The entity responsible for processing your personal data is “Ródão Empreendimentos Turísticos SA”.
  2. The company “Essential Tools – Tecnologias de Informação, Lda.” is considered to be processing your data, which developed and manages the IT platform supporting this Website.
  3. The personal data collected in these forms are intended for sending Newsletters with commercial content, as well as other institutional information about the responsible company and its partners, and are not available and/or disclosed to any entity other than the person responsible for the treatment.
  4. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.
  5. Data owners have the right to access their personal data through the personal area of ​​this website and can correct it, which is why they gave their consent when this information was collected.
  6. If they so wish, data owners must request, in writing, to the email info@rodaohotel.com, the deletion of this data partially or completely.
  7. Any other considerations are referred to EU REGULATION 2016/679 (GDPR).​
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